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Also; got to visit with with my mum and everyone before she set off on her honeymoon. Spend a fair bit of the time chilling with this stud.

So I’m a bit late, but yesterday marked four years of being in a band with four of the coolest lads in the world, so that’s pretty sick. Don’t know where I’d be without them honestly. Also met the fabulous love of my life four years ago. And for the record, he almost weed on me me, actually. 😎

those gosh darn questions

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Anonymous whispered: do all the questions

Just for you, Anon :*



These are the most NSFW asks I have ever seen. Obliterate me.

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I can’t believe this

urpushinmeovertheline is my least favourite member of this band

Title: Milk
Artist: The 1975

72,003 plays

"Straight lines that unwind you

She does a little thing with her eye that says, “We’re off soon”